Services Offered – Orleans Dentistry

We have built a team of skilled practitioners with complementary areas of expertise and interest in order to be able to offer a wide range of dental services. We will discuss a number of these here on our site, but the list is not comprehensive. If you are interested in a specific service that you can’t find here, please email us at or call us at 613-686-1423 to see if we can help you.

Although we have a broad service offering, there are always three underlying principles that we adhere to.

  • We are always looking to restore and/or maintain excellent oral health specifically and overall health generally.
  • Another primary concern in any work that we do is the restoration or maintenance of optimal functionality. By that, we mean that we try to ensure that people can bite, chew, breathe and swallow normally and effectively. Improved techniques and technologies (such as dental implants) are making this mandate much more accessible to all of our patients.
  • The final principle that we keep in mind with any of our treatments is esthetic appeal. We try to ensure that whatever work we do looks natural and blends in seamlessly with the surrounding areas. Once again, the techniques available to us and our dental laboratories make it so that we can now focus on esthetics without ever compromising on health or functionality. You literally can have your cake and eat it too!